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  1. Find the cheapest PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro deals going today
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Find the cheapest PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro deals going today

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PS4 Consoles

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As one of the biggest games of the year, it was inevitable for a range of Red Dead Redemption 2 bundles to hit store shelves. All bundles come with a digital copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 and the slim redesign of the Dualshock 4 controller. All come with a revised Dualshock 4 controller, a digital copy of the game and the PS4 console itself.

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All you need to do then is download Fortnite directly to your new PS4 from the online store. Launched as the most powerful home console ever, the PS4 has been an enormous success.

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After a hugely successful run, the original PlayStation 4 console has now been phased out. The Slim is identical to the original in many ways, but, as the name suggests, comes in a more streamlined package. The Pro improves on the Slim in terms of graphics and processing power, but does come at the cost of being more expensive. However, in November , around a year after the Pro launched, there was a significant cut in price to the Pro, making it a viable alternative to the Slim for most.

While the previous generation of consoles truly brought gaming into the mainstream of home entertainment, the PS4 and Xbox One are both aiming to unify the two worlds to become dedicated entertainment systems. Both systems also feature Blu ray DVD players. Enjoy incredible games in even better visual-fidelity. The PlayStation family is unique in terms of how little the controller has changed from the very first console to now, over 20 years later. However, while the appearance may be roughly the same, the DualShock 4 v2 replacing the v1, which still comes with original PS4 consoles , boasts several improvements under the hood.

A track pad, light bar for motion tracking and a share button for in-game streaming are just three of the innovations added to the controller that many consider to be perhaps the best ever — on any console. It can easily be argued that PlayStation gamers are currently enjoying a golden generation of games.

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Add to that the fact that you can purchase many old favourites via the PlayStation store, and the library of fantastic games available at your fingertips is almost inexhaustible. The PlayStation 4 is no exception. The Slim edition in an update on the original console, and is now the most commonly available version, coming in the majority of our bundles above. For most, the core added appeal of the PS4 Pro will come from the graphics.

The classic and Slim PS4 models offer a maximum output of p, while the Pro is capable of 4K ultra high definition gaming at 30 frames per second, or p at 60 FPS. Both Sony and Microsoft have taken significant strides to make their current consoles not just gaming machines, but home entertainment centers. The Pro offers advantages in this regard too, with support for 4K streaming over online video on demand services such as Netflix and YouTube.

The Sony PlayStation 4 is a fantastic choice for gamers wondering which system to buy next. The PS4 offers a great selection of exclusive games while multiplatform titles generally look and perform better on PS4 than other consoles. Furthermore, Sony has made big improvements to the PlayStation controller and online services since PS3. The PS4 Slim is currently available in black, silver, gold or white — not including the various limited edition consoles released.

Which colour do you like best? Which goes best with your living room and your other electronics? Take your pick and use our filters to find the PS4 deals that match. The Pro is currently available in black or white. Some include a subscription to PlayStation Plus, which is required for online gaming and access to free games every month. If you want to play online, you need PS Plus — so getting a bundle makes sense.

As we mentioned above, the choice between the baseline Slim model PS4 and the Pro is one of power.

Best Playstation deals for January - all the lowest prices on the high street - Mirror Online

If you want to get the very best from your PS4 games, the Pro is the console for you thanks to its enhanced internals. Fancy owning a limited edition PS4 console? It could even go up in value over time. Check our deals for special PS4 bundles, which are usually themed around pack-in games.

There are two PS4 models at the moment — one with GB of storage and the other with 1TB so you can download more games.

We Dug Up the Best PS4 Console Bundles and Deals

Choose a PS4 bundle with the storage that is right for you. Our handy filters can help you decide which PS4 deal is for you. The Pro version of the console is only available with a 1TB hard drive.

The PS3 had got off to a slow start due to production issues, and was significantly lagging behind the Xbox The aim was to ensure that the next PlayStation was launched firing on all cylinders. If these rumours, plus those of a reworked Playstation network prove true, the PS4 looks set to get a big jump on their main competitors Microsoft. Rough specs and game footage are also shown. The next PlayStation is only a few months away! PS4 launches in the UK with incredible success. Over , PS4 consoles are sold in the opening weekend — , more than Wii U had sold in its first year on sale.

Their own effort to take on the industry dominating Occulus Rift. A UK beta test of the service is also underway. With downloads a necessity on PS4, even just for game updates, Sony announces a new console with 1 terabyte of storage — double what was available previously.