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It's a very unusual system, but testing proves that it does the job, and does it well. Price-wise, Webroot runs with the pack. As always, you may find any of these prices discounted for the first year, sometimes quite deeply. View All 11 Photos in Gallery. You can use your Webroot licenses to install antivirus on both PCs and Macs. Some components of Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus for Mac , in particular the web-based protection system, are identical on both platforms.

Overall, the two products offer similar security features, though Webroot doesn't go quite as overboard with expert features on the Mac. Webroot's installer is tiny, less than 4MB, and it installs in a flash. Immediately on installation, it gets busy with a collection of startup tasks, checking off each one as it finishes.

Among the listed tasks are: scanning for active malware; analyzing installed applications to reduce warnings and prompts; establishing a system baseline; and optimizing performance for your unique system configuration.

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Even with these added tasks, the process goes quickly. The product's appearance hasn't changed appreciably since my last review. Its green-toned main window features a lighter panel that includes statistics about recent scans and a button to launch an on-demand scan. Even if you never click that button, Webroot makes a full scan during installation and runs a scheduled scan every day.

A panel at the right manages access to the rest of this product's significant collection of security features. As noted, Webroot handles new, unknown programs by letting them run under strict monitoring. It prohibits irreversible actions like sending personal data to the internet, and keeps a journal of reversible actions, all while awaiting a verdict from Webroot's cloud analysis system. If the program under judgment proves to be nasty, Webroot wipes it out and reverses all its changes.

This system just isn't compatible with many independent lab tests. Labs like AV-Test Institute and AV-Comparatives expect antivirus programs to act right away on malware they recognize, whether detection occurs using signatures, heuristics, or behavioral analysis. Webroot's relationship with the labs has been rocky, but two of the four that I follow have recently included Webroot in their testing, with decent results. Lab Test Results Chart. Researchers at MRG-Effitas report on two main tests, one specific to banking Trojans and one aiming to cover the full range of malware types.

Security programs that don't earn near-perfect scores simply fail; these are tough tests. Webroot passed the banking Trojans test, unlike more than half the products tested. It earned Level 2 certification in the all-types test. That second score means that while it didn't immediately prevent all the malware attacks, it remediated them completely within 24 hours.

This test lines up perfectly with Webroot's watch-and-wait system. My contact at Webroot pointed out that the product scored well at its main task of blocking malware execution, but lost points for its handling of such things as targeted attacks. He said he'd be pleased with a different scoring system, but felt that Webroot did well overall.

I use an algorithm to derive an aggregate lab score for products tested by at least two labs. My algorithm maps all results onto a point scale and returns a value from 0 to Webroot's 7. It's certainly better than no test results at all, and it passed both tough tests by MRG-Effitas. As ever, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and Kaspersky take perfect or near-perfect scores from the labs.


Renew or Upgrade Your Security | Webroot

Bitdefender's current aggregate score is 10 points, while Kaspersky, tested by all four labs, has 9. For the past few years, Webroot has done very well in my own hands-on malware protection tests, though it handles them differently from most other products. When I downloaded my folder of samples from Dropbox and opened it, Webroot didn't react immediately, the way many products do. However, the first sample I launched triggered a kind of chain reaction. Webroot popped up to report that it had identified malware, and offered to remove it. After removal, it asked permission to scan the system, to wipe out any remaining malware.

The thought of enduring a full system scan just because of one found threat might alarm you, but it needn't. A full scan with Webroot takes from five to seven minutes—not long at all. At the end of that scan, it removed another group of threats, and asked to scan yet again.

The second scan blew away all the remaining samples, without disturbing a couple dozen legitimate files residing in the same folder. Once again, Webroot detected percent of the samples and scored 10 of 10 possible points. Webroot is the first product to eliminate all current samples, from pernicious ransomware to potentially unwanted programs.

Previously the top score was 9. The scan did whack a couple of my hand-coded testing tools, but I can't really blame it. Here you have a program that's never been seen before by the cloud analysis system, and its purpose is to launch fraudulent URLs.

Save up to 50% with our limited-time offer

Suspicious much? I restored my tools from quarantine and proceeded with testing. Malware Protection Results Chart. Of course, all my preselected samples are veritable antiques to Webroot, seen and known for months.

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To get a look at protection against the latest threats, I start with a feed of URLs that researchers at MRG-Effitas recently found to be hosting malware. Typically, these are no more than a couple days old. I launch each and note whether the antivirus prevents browser access to the dangerous URL, eliminates the file upon download, or completely fails to notice the malware download.

Of more than validated dangerous URLs, Webroot blocked 51 percent in the browser and wiped out the malware payload of another 29 percent. With 80 percent protection overall, it's in the lower half of scores for this test, but that's in part because it doesn't bring every resource to examining downloaded files. Let me explain. Just to see what would happen, I launched one of the downloaded malware samples. That's not how this test normally works, but I'm glad I checked. Webroot detected the sample and launched a scan that eliminated most of the downloaded malware.

The result would have been 97 percent protection, right up there with McAfee and Trend Micro. Only Norton and Bitdefender, with 99 percent, have done better. I asked my Webroot contact why the scan at download time seemed less effective than the later scan. He explained that for efficiency the scan doesn't focus as strongly on files that were merely downloaded but not yet executed. That's because any such file will get serious scrutiny before it launches.

And indeed, launching just one of those files set off the scan that wiped out all but a few of them. There's nothing intrinsically dangerous about a phishing website—no drive-by downloads, malicious scripts, or other active threats, just an inviting imitation of a secure website. You're perfectly safe, unless you haplessly enter your login credentials on one of these fraudulent sites. If you do fall for the fraud, though, you've just given away full access to your bank site, shopping site, even dating site. Webroot claims that it is compatible with all other security software and antivirus programs.

The antivirus scanner is very fast it takes very less time as compared to other antivirus softwares. It scans multiple times to make sure to elimiate all threats. Tool to undo all the changes made by Malware.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus 2015 Coupon Codes & Promotions

Enhanced Phishing protection. Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security complete SecureWeb for iOS. SecureAnywhere Mobile for android. Download Webroot Download free trials for all webroot products from the below link. Download Webroot free trial Webroot Discount We also bring to you some good deals and offers to buy this great software in best and cheap price using webroot coupon code, promo code, voucher code. Buy Now Webroot Uninstaller. Related content: How to uninstall Webroot? Prev Post GData download and promo code. Next Post How to Remove News.

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A friend recommended I try Webroot when I told him about my computer security problems a few months back. Frankly, dealing with computer security is about the last thing I want to do, and I always feel nervous about making mistakes or choosing an ineffective software.

12 Webroot Coupons

So I took a look at the site and was happy to find only six products on offer. So far the software is working brilliantly, and I plan to renew my subscription next year. Webroot Promotional Codes. Show More Show Less Internet security is a vital concern for anyone who spends time online. Get Smart Savings Now at Webroot. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. GO TO Webroot. Webroot set my computer security straight.